Invitation Letter

In the shared purpose of the Junior Enterprise Global Network (Educational, economical and collaborative impact), when we talk about collaborative impact, we envision a future where junior enterprises exchange knowledge and collaborate on projects at a global scale.

To make this future happen today, we invite you to be a traveler in the Exchange Program. We invite you to be an agent of change, that bridges the connection of knowledge, people and JEs from different countries.

We challenge you to be one of the links that will strengthen our network.

We challenge you to be the future.

Junior Enterprise Global Council



An adventure unlike any other

In the Exchange Program, you will travel to another country between January and March of 2019, where you'll be hosted for up to 3 weeks by a local junior entrepreneur and their JE.

During these weeks, you'll work part-time for your host JE, living their routine and contributing with your skills.

But you will also be challenged to do much more than that.

You will share purpose, stories & moments together with your hosts. You will leave your mark in another JE, in another network. And you'll meet several other JEs plus the best that each of them have to offer.

"It's totally different from what you're used to in your JE. The personal learning I had on the program was quite absurd."

Bruna, Traveler to Argentina

Who has already participated



And to where can I go?

There will be hosts in 4 regions. To sign-up, you have to pick your 1st & 2nd choice of region. Your profile will then be shown to possible hosts in these locations!

Canada, USA, Mexico or Costa Rica

North America

In total, there are 24+ JEs in this region, spread across some of the best univeristies of their countries.

Some of these are established JEs while others are new initiatives, but they are all looking to grow. Help them with this goal and your work could become part of their history!

This region has not yet participated in the Exchange Program, so vacancies are still to be confirmed.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Colombia

South America

In Brazil, you'll find the largest national network in the world, with 670+ JEs working to be the best version of themselves.

And in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, you'll find young teams working to get clients, recruit members and collaborating to launch their confederations.

Whatever your destination, a very entrepreneurial experience awaits you!

France, Germany & many others (15 in total)


The largest and oldest JEs in the world are here! And don't let their age fool you: european JEs are innovating at a fast pace.

France and Germany are recurring participants in the Exchange Program, but for this edition we're also working to have vacancies in other countries.

To have an impact here, you better come very prepared!

Tunisia or Morocco

North Africa

Tunisia (38+ JEs) and Morocco (9+ JEs) are champions in participation in the Exchange Program, having already had many hosts and travelers!

Their JEs, which work in a wide variety of fields, are growing, work together frequently and are also often very close to one another geographically.

Come with energy, because you'll find here many opportunities to learn and leave an impact!

We will try to match you with hosts where we think you can have the most impact. You may indicate preference for a specific language or country, but we cannot guarantee fulfillment of these preferences.

Once a match happens, you will meet your host via videoconference and get to confirm your participation via the payment of a €120 participation fee.

This fee helps support the enlargement and connection work of the Junior Enterprise Global Council around the world and is what we charge for our work organizing the program.

Tip from our team:

If you want to save money, consider picking the region of your own country as one of your preferences! We will then show your profile to hosts in other countries near yours!

On the other hand, for a more challenging experience, pick the regions that are most different from your own!

Estimate your costs

Select your home region and your destination region below for a rough estimate of the program's costs! While applying as a traveler, you should research the cost of these and other items (like passports and visas).

Everyone who applies should be concious of the required investments.

Participation Fee: €120

Travel Insurance (Average): €80

Basic Food & Transport (21 days): €300

Plane Tickets (Atlanta < > Montreal): €230

Your cost estimate: €730


Sign-up today for better chances

As soon as you sign-up for the Exchange Program, we will start showing your profile to possible hosts.

This means that the quicker that you sign-up, the more chances you will have to be selected!

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button bellow to sign-up as a traveler in the Exchange Program:

Sign-ups are currently closed. Stay tuned with our social media channels to keep up with news about the next editions.

The link above will take you to the sign-up form for travelers.

When signing-up, please pay attention to the instructions in the form.

Sign-ups for travelers are open until November 30th. After that, we will work to have all matches completed until December 7th.

Junior Entrepreneurs who signed-up in the first call (Before November 16th) have priority in being assigned hosts.

Once your match is complete and your participation confirmed, we will add you to a community of other travelers, so that you can start planning your journey!


The program is open to Junior Entrepreneurs from around the world!

To participate, you need to:

  • Have fluency (or at least advanced level) in English or the local language of the country you'll be travelling to;
  • & be currently a part of the JE movement or have a maximum of 1 year outside it.

Interested in being a host?

Being a host brings new insights, new results and creates a multicultural, inspiring experience for you and your entire JE!

If you're interested in being a host, send an e-mail to our Global Council Head of Development, Lucas Mantovani, at the address

In this e-mail, provide the following information:

Your Name, Age, University & University Course, Country, City, Junior Enterprise and Dates available for a skype meeting so that we can present to you further information about being a host!


There is NO participation fee for hosts: the participation fee is only paid by travelers. For travelers, the following discounts are available:

  • 20% off the participation fee for members of JEs with 2 travelers in this edition;
  • 30% off for JEs with 3 travelers;
  • 40% off for JEs with 4 or more travelers;
  • And 50% off for members of JEs that have been a host in a prior edition or will be a host in this edition.

These discounts mean that it's a good idea to invite your colleagues to also participate in the program, so invite them!


I had such a great time. It was so nice to get to know how JEs in Tunisia work, how they think, what kind of projects they do. I really got to know the Tunisian culture, the Tunisian JEs. I think the JE movement is so important. We grow up so much (with it), and it's nice to see that it's all over the world.

Luísa, Traveler to Tunisia

The exchange about the similarities and differences of the two student consultancies, Janus and TECMEC, was of great benefit. The characteristics of a German JE could be shown and improved with the help of Brazilian methods. But also Karol got great ideas for the work of her JE!

Adrian, Host from Germany

During our stay, we got to discover the way they work in the JE and more importantly got to discuss the differences between our practices and how our young JE could learn from its Brazilian peers in order to be more efficient and increase its productivity. Our short but intense week in São Paulo made us rething the way we do things back in Morocco and pushed us to start a restructuration of our activities.

Hicham, Traveler to Brazil

Really strong friendships were made there. And you have the opportunity to put in practice knowledge that you acquired in your JE. So you are in a market that is different from the habitual in your country, and you have this resilience, you know how to apply your knowledge to change the reality of people abroad too!

Mateus, Traveler to Argentina


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